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3 Reasons To Use Laser Cutting For Your Next Project

At our PA laser cutting shop, we’re always amazed at what we’re able to produce for our clients! On a daily basis our lasers turn both flat and tube stock into all sorts of metal parts for all sorts of products and applications. Laser cutting definitely offers multiple benefits over traditional cutting methods, so here are three great reasons to consider using laser cutting for your next fabrication project.

1. Precision

Laser technology is very precise and highly repeatable. Thanks to computer-aided control systems, we’re able to create and import CAD drawings of parts that our lasers can then reproduce exactly time and time again. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating one part or 10,000 parts – our lasers will produce exact parts over and over again within very precise tolerances.

2. Speed

Using a computer-controlled laser to cut metal parts is one of the most efficient ways to cut sheet metal, tube, channel and other open profile metal stock. The manual processes required to cut parts using traditional technology are very time consuming, not to mention less precise. A fabricator can only cut so many parts by hand in an 8-hour shift, and our lasers can run quickly and precisely without a break 24 hours a day!

3. Flexibility

Laser cutting technology allows additional processes to be performed during the cutting process that would otherwise have to be completed by hand. Our lasers can cut holes, etch part numbers, and in some cases bevel edges and countersink holes during the cutting process. This saves time and eliminates the need for subsequent steps to complete a run of parts.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to choose laser cutting as a way to make parts for your next project. If you’d like to hear even more about the benefits that our PA laser cutting shop can provide, please contact us today!

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