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Boost Efficiency And Save Money By Bundling Manufacturing Services

Cutting parts with precision is just one of the many processes required to manufacture quality products. By using a single source to handle your projects from start to finish, you can have your completed products faster, save money, and enjoy one point of contact for all your needs.

At BenCo Technology, our PA cutting shop is here to take care of all the processes your manufacturing jobs call for.

Want to reap the benefits of bundling services? Here’s a sampling of the many manufacturing processes that our expert team can provide!

  • Procure materials – Whatever you need for your parts and components, we’ll obtain the raw materials so they’re here in our facility and ready to go. We buy in large volume from top steel and metal suppliers, and can source even specialty and hard-to-find materials. Need parts that meet very precise tolerances? We can source perfectly flat material that passes our own rigorous in-house QC tests.
  • Design – We use the best and latest software, like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, to design parts and create accurate models of them, so you can visualize and approve ideas before we cut parts. This is the best way to make sure there won’t be problems with a finished part, and it helps us to value-engineer your parts – ensuring the lowest cost and highest quality.
  • Cut parts – Our PA cutting shop features an array of different cutting technologies in house. Need flat sheet laser cutting, tube laser cutting, water jet cutting, or plasma cutting? We’ve got you covered. Before cutting your parts, we carefully assess which technology will be best for your job and produce optimal results.
  • Fabricate and finish – We offer a full range of fabricating and finishing services, including forming, welding, machining, PEMing, powder coating, and more. This means we can provide a one-stop-shop for a variety of necessary processes. One point of contact increases accountability, reduces errors, and makes your purchasing process easier.
  • Make assemblies – After we produce your parts, we can also put them together to create assemblies and complete products. If required to meet your exact specifications, we can also source additional components and hardware from other vendors for this step of the manufacturing process.
  • Deliver – We’ll ensure your parts and products get where they need to go on time every time. BenCo has our own fleet of trucks to deliver your parts throughout the region, or we can ship anywhere in the U.S. or Canada by UPS or common carrier. Are you local? If yes, we’ll ship to you for free.

When you count on us for all your manufacturing needs, you’ll have the peace of mind that every stage of the process will go smoothly. What could be better than a bundled solution that saves time, saves money, and eliminates the headaches and potential slip-ups of passing parts from one vendor to another and another?

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and to discover how a single-source for all manufacturing process can make your life easier.

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