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Our Cutting Shop In Action: See For Yourself With These Videos

We realize we can post article after article about the benefits of various cutting technologies, but that may never fully give you an appreciation of how they work and what they can do. Since seeing is believing, we thought we’d share several videos that show our PA cutting service in action. Whether it’s laser cutting, water jet cutting or plasma cutting, enjoy the videos below and contact us with any questions you might have!

Flat Sheet Laser Cutting
With our flat sheet laser cutting machines, we can cut parts quickly and with precision. This technology works extremely well with thin-profile metals and simple flat parts. Once cut, flat parts can be formed or welded into all sorts of complex assemblies.

3D Tube Laser Cutting
Fast and precise, our tube laser equipment has a pivoting head that enables us to cut at varying angles. From tube to channel to angle and other open profile tube stock, we can use our 3D tube laser cutting equipment to cut parts with unique geometries.

Water Jet Cutting
With our Techni water jet equipment, we can cut parts from foam, stone, glass, and more. Water jet cutting transfers minimal heat, so it can be used on even delicate materials. From thin glass to 6” thick stainless steel, it’s a fast and flexible way to cut the parts you need accurately.

Plasma Cutting
BenCo’s plasma cutting equipment offers a lot of versatility. Our machine’s high-definition plasma head has 5-axis cutting capabilities, enabling it to navigate tough angles and curves. And the oxy fuel cutting head can cut up to 7” inch thick steel. Plasma cutting also provides cost efficiency by doing cutting, drilling, tapping, and countersinking in one step—thanks to our integrated CNC drilling station.

How Can Our PA Cutting Shop Help You?
No matter how simple or complex your project, we have the cutting capabilities to deliver exceptional results. With the right equipment and unparalleled expertise in cutting, forming, fabricating, and more, we’re here to fulfill all your needs. Contact us today to talk about making us your one-stop manufacturing partner.

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