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Five Ways Powder Coating Can Make Your Parts Better

For the past 50 years or so, powder coating has become a popular finishing option in the United States for a number of very good reasons. It is a dry finishing process that works well on a variety of parts and products. Because of this, our PA fabrication shop often finishes projects with powder coating. Read on to learn more!

A Flawless Finish

According to the Powder Coating Institute, powder coating represents over 15 percent of the industrial finishing market. Whether for protecting parts’ surfaces or providing a decorative finish, powder coating delivers high-quality results in a short amount of time. It results in an even, flawless finish that’s thicker and more durable than traditional liquid coatings.

Powder coating can make your parts better by:

• Making them more resistant to chipping and scratches.
• Allowing for more unique coloration, textures, and visual effects.
• Making them more resistant to fading and wearing.
• Making them more impervious to the affects of chemicals, moisture, extreme weather conditions, and ultraviolet light.
• Providing an economical finish, helping keep costs in check as you manufacture your parts.

Powder coating helps ensure your parts will not only be stronger, but also visually appealing. Because the process emits far less volatile organic compounds than does traditional spray coating, it’s better for the environment, as well.

At BenCo, we begin the powder coating process by pre-treating your parts to remove corrosion, oil, grit, or dirt that might prevent the coating from bonding with the metal. We then use an electrostatic spray gun to evenly apply the powder onto the metal. Lastly, we heat the part so the coating melts, forming a consistent, long-lasting finish.

At our manufacturing campus here in Honey Brook, PA, we offer a full powder coating line. With that service along with our full suite of other capabilities, you can put your entire parts manufacturing needs in the hands of one trusted and experienced source.

From design to cutting, fabricating to finishing, and assembly to shipping, we eliminate the time, hassle, and expense of sending parts to multiple vendors to complete the various aspects of your project.

Contact us today about making your parts better with powder coating—and to ensure your manufacturing project is handled productively and cost effectively from start to finish.

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