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Four Powerful Advantages Of 3D Tube Laser Cutting

3D tube laser cutting, one of the cutting technologies offered by our laser cutting service, provides an efficient way to create parts from tube, square and open profile stock. Because of the versatility and precision of its rotating head, our 3D tube laser cutting equipment eliminates the need for multiple processes when cutting parts with complex geometries.

Consider the following benefits that’s 3D tube laser cutting services offer:

1. Capable Of More Than Straight Cuts
Our machine’s three-dimensional rotating head can cut with accuracy and ease around and through the radius of a piece of tube. Getting the same results with traditional cutting equipment is impossible.

2. Multiple Process In One Step
Our 3D tube laser can score, bevel, chamfer and perform other processes in a single pass. It can also countersink holes as it’s cutting.

3. Makes Parts Assembly-Ready
With our tube laser cutting equipment, we can create tabs, holes, and grooves as we cut your parts so that the cut stock can be assembled by bending it into shape. This eliminates the need to build a complicated jig to join separate pieces into one final part. You get self-aligned parts that are perfect every time!

4. Speed And Cost-Effectiveness
3D tube laser cutting services at BenCo deliver speed and accuracy to meet your deadlines and quality requirements. Our skilled designers and technicians have expert training and experience to maximize the yield of raw materials and create parts ultra-efficiently. You will be thrilled with the time and money you save!

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