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Laser Cutting a Commemorative Lion’s Head


Albright College’s mascot is the mighty lion, and when the school was looking for someone to manufacture a commemorative lion’s head as a gift for students, they chose BenCo.

An important benefit of laser cutting is that it can reproduce patterns that are impossible to machine using traditional methods. In the case of the Albright lion’s head, our shop was able to produce fine details, tiny cut-outs and intricate patterns within very precise tolerances.

Check out the image above and imagine trying to turn a piece of 20-guage mild steel into this finished product using a saw, punch or torch. It would be impossible.

After creating an accurate pattern in our computer-aided design system, we were able to laser cut hundreds of pieces that all turned out perfectly. They were sanded and buffed to eliminate burrs and inconsistencies and delivered to the school to hand out as souvenirs to students.

If you need a detailed, intricate part cut out of metal, we can help. Laser cutting is fast, precise and cost-effective. Contact us today to learn more and discuss your next project.


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