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Laser Cutting Services. What Can We Cut?

Regardless of the size or shape of the metal parts you need to manufacture, BenCo Technology has the expertise and laser cutting equipment to meet your needs. Our PA laser cutting shop has both flat sheet and tube lasers to cut parts out of many types of metal with precision and speed.

Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

Flat sheet laser cutting is fast and accurate. Offering consistency and tight tolerances no matter how large a run, it’s a highly cost-effective option when you need to cut a large quantity of components out of metals.

Here are some details about our flat sheet laser cutting:

  • Cuts flat pieces of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, brass and other ferrous materials
  • Cuts up to a maximum sheet size of 83″ x 162″
  • Cuts a maximum thickness of 1″ hot rolled, .75″ stainless and .5″ aluminum
  • Does cutting and etching in a single step
  • A good solution for single prototypes to full runs

Tube Laser Cutting

Like flat sheet laser cutting, tube laser cutting can also cut parts from a wide variety of metals. In addition, because of its 3D rotating laser head, a tube laser can also cut round tube, square tube, angle, channel, and other open profile stock. When manufacturing complex parts, it saves time and effort because it can cut, countersink, bevel, and chamfer in one step.

Some specifics about our tube laser cutting include:

  •  Cuts steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Cuts up to a maximum O.D. of 8.66141″
  • Offers versatility via the 3D rotating laser head
  • Streamlines the manufacturing process because it bevels, cuts, and chamfers in the same step
  • A good solution for single prototypes to full runs

In addition to cutting equipment, we also have a full suite of metal fabrication equipment at our Honey Brook, PA, facility. So we can fully finish your parts as well. From cutting to forming to welding and more, we’re a one-stop shop.

If you’re looking for a laser cutting and manufacturing resource that you can count on to deliver the parts you need accurately, quickly and cost-effectively, please contact us today. We look forward to using our laser cutting and metal fabrication expertise to help make your business more successful.

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