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Our Assembly Service – Putting it All Together For You

At BenCo, we not only design, engineer and manufacture parts, we also pull all the pieces together by assembling your finished product – right down to the very last washer! By taking your product from start to finish or by producing just a portion of your final product, our complete fabrication department can save your company time, money and hassle.

Plus, we can deliver even more convenience by shipping your parts and products to you directly from our facility. So whatever you need, you’ll get it from BenCo – on time and to your specifications!

What’s our secret? Our ten-step assembly process works like a well-oiled machine with a workflow system that covers all the bases:

  1. Ideas and rough product designs arrive to us via mail, fax or an email attachment.
  2. We render designs in AutoCad and convert them to the proper format, including a nested version that our equipment can read.
  3. Using our laser cutting equipment, we etch, cut out and create radius shapes as required.
  4. We form the proper angles on pieces.
  5. If needed, we drill holes into the pieces, and we weld – or spot weld – pieces to the base.
  6. We deburr any jagged or sharp edges on the pieces.
  7. Our finishing department applies powder coating to the pieces.
  8. Our fabrication department builds individual components and then combines them with the other previously joined pieces to assemble the completed component or final product.
  9. We carefully package pieces and products in boxes or crates in preparation for shipping.
  10. We ship to you directly from our factory. Our fleet of trunks delivers anywhere in the U.S. and Canada!

As you can see, we’ve got a complete system in place that gives you the full range of services that you need. And behind it all is our BenCo team’s extensive experience and track record of excellence.

Why not contact us today about saving time, cutting expenses, and getting your next project done the way it should be? We’ll put our proven assembly system to work for you!

// ISO9001:2015 Certified