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Plasma Cutting Vs. Laser Cutting

Not all cutting technologies are the best choice for all parts and components. The materials, shapes, sizes, quantity needed and other considerations come into play. At BenCo Technology, our PA metal cutting shop features a variety of cutting equipment, so we can handle just about any job regardless of its size or complexity.

Among the types of cutting technologies we use are plasma and laser. How are they different? We’re glad you asked!


Plasma Cutting

With plasma cutting, a plasma torch is used to cut metal by blowing inert gas out of a nozzle at an extremely high speed. As some of the gas converts to plasma, it melts and cuts the metal.

The features and advantages of our PA plasma cutting shop include:

  • It allows us to cut very thick metals like stainless steel, aluminum and mild (low carbon) steel. With our plasma machine’s oxyfuel cutting head, we can cut up to 7-inch thick steel!
  • We can drill, tap, countersink and accomplish other processes at once at our integrated CNC drilling-station.
  • Because of its pivoting, multi-access head, BenCo’s plasma cutting machine is especially versatile. It allows us to cut parts and components requiring unique geometries because it can navigate difficult curves and angles.
  • From creating a prototype or producing a full run, our plasma cutting equipment can handle it with ease.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a high-power laser to cut metals and craft parts.

At BenCo, we have both flat sheet laser cutting and 3-D tube laser cutting machinery to accommodate customers’ diverse requirements. The type of cutting equipment that will give you the best results depends on the part’s design, the type of material you’re working with and other factors.

Here are some features and advantages of laser cutting at BenCo:

  • Laser cutting is fast and extremely accurate. We can cut large numbers of parts and components quickly with precision.
  • It’s ideal for making thinner profile parts.
  • We can cut flat sheet materials, as well as tube, square and channel materials.
  • Our tube laser equipment has a multi-access head, allowing us to cut at difficult angles and produce parts with unique geometries.

Plasma Or Laser Cutting? Is One Or The Other The Right Fit For You?

If you’re not sure which cutting technology is right for manufacturing your parts, contact us! We’ll be happy to consult with you about your next project and point you in the right direction to make it a success.

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