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Three Ways Our Designers Can Help You

At BenCo, we’re so much more than a laser cutting and metal fabrication partner. We have a team of experienced designers that can help you make better parts for your products. Thanks to years of experience working with all sorts of different clients, we’ve seen it all… and that means that we can usually offer suggestions and improvements that will directly impact the quality and price of the parts you need.

Here are three ways that our design team can help:

1. Make Your Parts Stronger
Because we’ve been helping clients create parts for their products for so long, we know how to make parts that are more durable and more precise. Maybe it’s the type of metal, or the specific fabrication process that’s used. Maybe it’s the location of holes and tabs. Or maybe it’s a matter of thinking through a part for improved functionality. No matter what your business manufactures, our designers have the experience to help make your parts better.

2. Make Your Parts More Cost-Effective
Our design team has lots of expertise helping our clients make their products more cost-effective. Based on years of experience designing parts and products for OEMs, our designers can make recommendations that can really help you save money. Maybe it’s laying out parts better to get a higher quantity from each piece of material. Maybe it’s looking at production workflow and grouping functions together to create efficiencies. Maybe it’s recommending new technology, such as PEM’ing or 3D Tube Cutting that will help bring your costs down.

3. Present Solutions
Thanks to our full design, laser cutting and metal fabrication equipment, our designers can present one-stop solutions that will save you time and money. If your ultimate goal is a finished, assembled product, we can make it happen. If you need parts cut from aluminum, punched, formed and powder coated, we can make it happen. If you need a pallet full of parts tomorrow, our designers will drop what they’re doing to make it happen. We truly are a partner that you can count on!

If BenCo can help your business design better parts for your products, please contact us today. We look forward to being a partner that you can count on!


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