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Rush Services

When You Need Cutting, Fabrication & Manufacturing Solutions Fast, We Can Help

Sometimes your business needs parts fast. Your sales team lands a big order, engineering makes a change, or your inventory needs unexpectedly increase. As a manufacturing partner that you can count on to deliver the parts you need when you need them, “we can’t do it” is not in our vocabulary.

Thanks to our Rush Services capability, we can turn around quotes, prototypes and finished batches of parts quickly and accurately – sometimes even within hours.

To accomplish this, we maintain a separate area in our facility that’s fully stocked with raw materials. Our team works flexible hours based on our customers’ rush service needs, and we’ve got a fleet of laser cutting machines and computer workstations ready for rush jobs. This ensures that your run of parts won’t have to wait in line behind previously scheduled orders.

Our rush laser cutting service is perfect for:

  • Creating prototypes during the product design process
  • Getting a batch of parts quickly
  • Adjusting your inventory levels to match demand
  • Building flexibility into your supply chain

If you’re interested in learning more about our Rush Services department, or placing a Rush Services order, please contact us today! We look forward to delivering your next batch of parts both accurately and quickly.

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