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BenCo Technology - Waterjet Cutting
BenCo Technology - Waterjet Cutting


Turning Even the Thickest Materials Into the Parts You Need

In order to process the widest array of materials, BenCo can provide water jet cutting services on our top-of-the-line Techni water jet. Water jets can cut materials ranging from the thinnest glass to 6″ thick stainless steel. And because they can also cut stone, foam and other materials, water jetting is a flexible and precise way to cut the parts you need for your products.

Our PA manufacturing campus includes the latest Techni water jet cutting equipment. And thanks to its ability to cut much thicker metal than a typical flat sheet laser, this is an important piece of equipment that can help to deliver accurate, high-quality parts. A few key benefits of water jet cutting include:

  • It can cut materials ranging from thin glass to 6″ thick steel and stone
  • Low pressure piercing functions ensure that even the most delicate or brittle materials can be pierced without the need for pilot holes
  • The very small stream size (approximately 0.040″) combined with SofTec planning and control software enables intricate patterns to be cut
  • It is capable of cutting anything from hardened spring steels, to non ferrous materials such as brass and copper to delicate graphite composites, foam, rubber, plastic and even paper
  • Prototypes or short runs can go from design to finished parts in minutes
  • Stack cutting is possible, with thickness of up to 8″ commonly achieved
  • High acceleration and cutting speeds of almost 1000″/min result in high production output
  • Minimal heat is transferred to the material being cut, eliminating the need for additional processes after cutting is complete

Water Jet Cutting Profiles

The images below show the range of smoothness that is available with water jet cutting. Please contact us with questions about water jet cutting and the various levels of smooth, medium and coarse edge detail that we can provide.

Water Jet Production Gallery

If you’re interested in learning how water jet cutting can help you produce better parts, components and products, please contact us today. We look forward to working together with you to design, cut and fabricate the parts your business needs.

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