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Benefits Of Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

Among the multitude of ways to produce metal parts, flat sheet laser cutting is a great option for many reasons. Why choose this method of cutting over other methods, such as water jet, plasma, or just a good old-fashioned saw? Depending on the needs of your manufacturing project, our flat sheet laser cutting service can offer a powerful combination of benefits.

What’s So Great About Flat Sheet Laser Cutting?

  • It’s fast and accurate.
    Flat sheet laser cutting can produce a large number of parts quickly and with precision—while using less energy than plasma cutting. Using an advanced computer-controlled process, flat sheet lasers maintain their cutting accuracy even throughout the highest-volume jobs.
  • It produces a clean cut.
    Because laser beams can’t wear down, laser cutting results in edges that are clean and of higher quality than what traditional cutting can accomplish.
  • It can handle complexity without extra processes.
    Flat sheet laser cutting can make parts with complex shapes—without the additional step of tooling. Even better, our flat sheet laser cutting equipment can also add holes, slots, and other shapes into your parts as it cuts them.
  • It can simultaneously add finishing touches.
    During cutting process, our flat sheet laser can etch and mark materials. How’s that for efficiency? Add part numbers, alignment markings and more during the cutting process.
  • It minimizes the risk of damage to parts.
    Because it’s a non-contact cutting method, flat sheet laser cutting doesn’t burr, distort, or striate the metal. That helps eliminate the need for finishing steps such as grinding or polishing.
  • It can save you a lot of money.
    Because of its speed in production, the elimination of secondary manufacturing steps, and complex nesting software, flat sheet laser cutting saves time, materials and money. When you need either simple or complex metal parts fast, it is the best way to go!

Is Flat Sheet Laser Cutting Right For Your Parts?
When your manufacturing project needs to meet tolerances and requires high quantities of accurately finished parts, flat sheet laser cutting might be the perfect solution. Of course, other considerations need to be addressed before deciding on the best cutting technology, so contact us today to tell us about your project and discuss your unique needs.

As a one-stop laser cutting and metal fabrication partner, we’ll be happy to take the time to talk with you about making your parts and end products better and as cost-effectively as possible.

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