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More Than Just A PA Fabrication Shop

At BenCo, we not only provide forming and fabrication services, we also offer a wide variety of other services to make manufacturing your parts and products a seamless, cost-efficient process. We are definitely far more than just a PA fabrication shop! Read on to learn what exactly we offer in addition to forming and fabricating.

Cutting Services

At BenCo we offer a variety of cutting services to turn steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and an array of other materials into parts and components. With expertise in flat laser cutting, tube laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting, and oxy fuel cutting, we have a full suite of cutting equipment and highly-trained technicians to deliver parts quickly and with precision.


When you’re developing the concept for a new part, we can help you with our prototyping expertise. Our design and engineering team can quickly and cost-effectively create prototypes of any metal part. There’s no better way to ensure your parts will have the best design to meet your specifications and cost expectations before they go into full production. Even better, in many cases we can save prototype costs by designing complete parts and assemblies in the SolidWorks 3D modeling software.

Rush Laser Cutting And Manufacturing Services

Upon request, our rush service is available when you need parts and production done quickly. Whether you need your order in three business days or 24 hours, we can accommodate just about any schedule and can prorate the rush charge based on how quickly you need your parts.

Delivery Services

After your parts are produced, we can get them to you quickly no matter where you might be located. We have trucks prepared to deliver your parts and assemblies throughout the mid-Atlantic region, or we can ship via UPS or common carrier. Our shipping costs are highly competitive and often less costly than commercial shipping rates. If you’re in our local area, we offer delivery for free.

And That’s Not All, Folks!

In addition to all that we’ve mentioned here, we also offers design and assembly services to complete our full suite of offerings. We truly are a one-stop-shop for all your manufacturing needs.

Contact us today about how our skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment can help you create quality parts while saving time and money.

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