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Does Your Laser Cutting Shop Put Quality Control First?

Cutting parts quickly at a low price has little value if your laser cutting shop sacrifices quality in the process. Yes, the speed of production and controlling costs matter, but so does precision. If your parts don’t meet your specifications, then you’ll end up with products that won’t perform as they should. And that could result in lost revenue and added cost as you scramble to re-do what should have been done correctly in the first place.

At BenCo Technology, we’re a Mid Atlantic laser cutting service that has systems in place to make your parts as efficiently as possible, and we make quality control our top priority.

Quality Control Measures at BenCo Technology

  • During the design process, our designers double-check CAD drawings & 3D models for accuracy and fix any detected errors.
  • During the cutting process, our skilled machine operators keep a close eye on parts as they’re cut and unloaded from our laser cutting machines. If they discover any defects, they immediately investigate and correct the issue before more parts are made.
  • Thanks to our on-site Virtek Laser scanning quality control system, we can scan metal parts and make sure they match the drawings within the required tolerances. If any parts fall outside of those tolerances, we flag and remove them.
  • For critical applications where precision is paramount, our quality control engineers utilize our dedicated quality control environment for measuring and evaluating parts. Within our ISO-Certified, dedicated quality control space, we have an 85-inch granite table on which our engineers examine parts—even very large parts—to make sure they are completely flat.

When you entrust BenCo Technology with producing your parts and components, you can rest assured that accuracy won’t be an afterthought. Precision is the cornerstone of every service we perform. Whether we’re designing, cutting, forming, fabricating, assembling, laser engraving, or handling any other aspect of your manufacturing, we make sure the results meet every requirement and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

// ISO9001:2015 Certified