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Manufacturing Solutions That You Just Can’t Get Anywhere Else

At BenCo, we’re proud of the solutions that we create for our customers. And even though we provide laser cutting services, metal fabrication services and welding services, we are most proud of the unique solutions that our team and facilities allow us to create. Here are a few examples:

// Prototyping
If you’re designing a new product and need a single part, we can help. From initial design to problem solving and value-engineering, our designers are at your service. Then, thanks to a full suite of laser cutting and metal fabrication equipment, we can quickly and precisely create a single part for you to test. It’s quick, inexpensive, and it’s no problem!

// Laser Scanning and Quality Control
Thanks to our Virtek Laser Scanner, we can scan a part and compare it to a digital drawing to make sure that tolerances are precise and within acceptable limits. And conversely, we can scan an existing part to create a precise digital drawing. It’s quick, easy and cost-effective to both test parts and create drawings!

// End-To-End Manufacturing
With a full campus of laser cutting, metal working and fabrication equipment, a team of trained experts, and strategic partnerships that give us access to all sorts of equipment, we’re a one-call, one-stop-shop for all of your laser cutting and metal fabrication needs. Our team can create concepts, parts and final products that will help make your business stronger.

These are just a few of the unique solutions that we can provide. Contact BenCo today to discuss your next project. We’re sure there are ways that we can provide unique manufacturing solutions that will help make your business stronger!

// ISO9001:2015 Certified