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Tips For Getting The Most Accurate Quote Possible From A Laser Cutting Shop

When trying to keep manufacturing jobs within your company’s budget, getting an accurate quote that covers every aspect of the production process matters.

That’s why it’s critical to give your laser cutting company enough information before it starts your project. At BenCo, we strive to give our customers the most precise pricing possible ahead of time, so unwelcome surprises don’t occur.

As you prepare to have your parts and products manufactured, make sure you’re ready to share the necessary details. It’s the best way to get a close estimate of what your actual costs will be.

Your laser cutting company will want to know:

  • Description of the parts needed – This includes what your parts will be used for, what material they will be made of, their shape, etc. This information will help us determine which type of equipment needs to be used and what processes need to be done to your parts to suit your needs.
  • Type of cutting you’re interested in – When more than one cutting technology may be appropriate for your projects, we will provide pricing on the types of cutting you prefer.
  • Quantity of parts needed – The number of parts you need cut will naturally affect how much you’ll pay.
  • Design drawings – If you have your a CAD drawing already completed, we’ll have a better idea of the work and processes that will be involved. It will also give us an opportunity to review your design and advise if we think some fine-tuning may be required. And BenCo also provides full design services for customers who need assistance with taking their concept from just an idea to a tangible part or product.
  • Whether laser engraving, fabrication, forming, PEMing, powder coating, or other processes are needed – If you intend for us to do these additional processes, we will make sure to factor that into our quote to you.
  • Whether assembly is needed – You have the option of requesting that we assemble your parts and components into either sub-assemblies or completed products. This can save you time and money—and alleviate the headache of sending your parts to another vendor for assembly.
  • Whether a prototype is required before a full production run – Let us know if you’d like to have a prototype made—it’s a cost-effective way to ensure your parts and products are perfect before they’re produced in volume.
  • Whether it’s a rush job – If you need your parts and products done faster than our standard timelines, let us know when you request your quote.
  • Budgetary goals/constraints – It helps for us to know your budget limitations when we’re quoting a project for you. This enables us to offer suggestions for how to lower costs while still accomplishing your goals.
  • Contact information – Of course! We need to know how to reach you with a quote on your project and where to deliver it when it’s complete.

By thinking about the points above, you’ll help us deliver pricing estimates that reflect your job’s specific needs—and that will ultimately ensure your expectations are met after the job is done. Contact us today to discuss your next manufacturing project’s needs and to get a quote that covers all the bases.

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