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5 Signs That A Laser Cutting Shop Is Truly “Cutting Edge”

A lot rides on the quality of your products, so doesn’t it make sense to have your parts manufactured by a PA laser cutting service that will do the best job possible?

When choosing a company to cut your parts, here are some signs that the laser cutting shop you’re considering is truly “cutting edge.”

It has options in addition to laser cutting.
Laser cutting is a wonderful cutting technology, but some projects are better served by different approaches. A truly results-focused laser cutting company offers other options. At BenCo, for example, we provide water jet cutting and plasma cutting in addition to flat sheet laser and tube laser cutting.

It has expertise in design and prototyping.
The design of parts and components affects how precisely they can be cut. That’s why it’s helpful to have a laser cutting shop with the in-house knowledge and skills to perfect designs and create prototypes. We have saved customers time and money by providing design and prototyping services to ensure parts are accurate before going into full production.

It provides metal fabrication and forming services.
Often, more than cutting is needed to produce parts to meet required specifications. You’ll eliminate hassles and save money if you have a manufacturing partner who can not only cut your parts but also perform additional processes on them. That’s why BenCo offers forming, welding, machining, PEMing, powder coating, punching, shearing, and other fabrication services, too.

It provides complete solutions.
Nothing can be more frustrating, time consuming, and expensive than needing to take your parts to multiple vendors to get the job done. A laser cutting company that does everything from start to finish will deliver cost-efficiency and precision. For example, our team can take care of assembling parts into finished products, packaging those products, and shipping them to their destination.

It can handle rush orders.
Sometimes you need a part or product manufactured in a hurry. While emergencies may be the exception rather than a rule, it’s always helpful to have a cutting shop that can step up to the challenge. At BenCo, we pull out all the stops for customers that need their jobs done in a rush. Whether you need a portion of your job rushed, or the whole job rushed, we can help.

As you’re looking for a manufacturing partner, make sure you consider all of your needs—not just cutting. By working with a company that can design, cut, form, fabricate, prototype, assemble, package, ship, and handle rush situations, you’ll have the peace of mind your parts will always be made accurately, on-time, and as cost effectively as possible.

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