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Four Reasons Plasma Cutting May Be The Best Cutting Technology For Your Manufacturing Project

Plasma cutting, one of the many cutting technologies available at BenCo, offers a lot of flexibility.

Our state-of-the art equipment offers both high-definition plasma and oxy fuel cutting heads, and our CNC drilling station provides unparalleled versatility when it comes to completed additional processes quickly.

Could plasma cutting be the right choice for your project? Here are four reasons to consider it:

1. It powers through thick metals with ease.
Our plasma cutting machine cuts thick metals like mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. And even 7-inch-thick steel is no match for our oxy fuel cutting head!

2. It navigates curves and angles.
With its pivoting, multi-angle cutting head, our machine can cut parts and components with distinctive geometries. It can make precision bevel cuts and complex radiuses, and it works exceptionally well on both flat and tube stock.

3. It saves precious time.
By drilling, tapping, and countersinking, all in the same step as cutting, plasma cutting is one of the most efficient technologies around. Our plasma table includes an integrated CNC drilling station with a variety of available tools to make quick work of a variety of processes at once.

4. It offers optimal scalability.
From a single prototype to a full production run, our plasma cutting machine can handle any quantity of parts with the greatest of ease.

Would your next project benefit from the power, versatility, and efficiency of our plasma cutting services?

Contact us to discuss your requirements and learn more about the specifications we can meet. Whether the right option is plasma cutting or another solution, we’ll help you determine the most effective cutting technology to suit your manufacturing needs.

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