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Five Reasons Water Jet Cutting Might Be Ideal For Your Manufacturing Project

Among the variety of effective cutting technologies we use at BenCo, water jet cutting is one that offers some unique advantages.

Could water jet cutting be the right choice for your project? Here are five reasons why you might want to consider it!

1. It’s effective on a wide array of materials.
We can use it to cut steel, stone, foam, metal, copper, brass, plastic, graphite composites, rubber, granite, and even paper. Because it produces minimal heat, water jet cutting works well on materials that don’t stand up well to other types of cutting.

2. It reduces the need for subsequent processes to refine parts.
With its low pressure piercing functions, it ensures delicate materials don’t need pilot holes. And because it minimizes heat transfer, it preserves the structure and appearance of materials. That means less work to make parts ready for prime time.

3. It stack cuts like nobody’s business.
With our water jet cutting equipment, we can do stack cutting (stacking multiple sheets of material and cutting them all at once) up to 8 inches thick. This is great way to produce lots of parts quickly and efficiently.

4. It’s detail-oriented.
Our equipment enables us to cut intricate patterns in materials, thanks to the thin stream size and SofTec planning and control software.

5. It’s quick.
It offers high output during high-volume production because of its fast acceleration and cutting speeds of nearly 1,000 inches per minute. And depending on the job, edge detail you require and other factors, we can adjust the cutting speed to deliver the best results for your unique project.

If you think all of this sounds remarkable, you’ll really be impressed with the many other features and advantages we can share about our water jet cutting services. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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