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Top Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

Among the types of cutting services we provide at BenCo Technology, water jet cutting allows us to offer a unique degree of versatility. Because it transfers minimal heat to the material being cut, water jet cutting opens the door to working with a wider range of materials from thin glass to 6-inch thick stainless steel and more.

Might water jet cutting be right for your next manufacturing project? Let’s explore some of the benefits to find out!

Top Advantages of Water Jet Cutting with BenCo Technology

  • It’s fast. – Our TECHNI Waterjet has high acceleration and cutting speeds, allowing us to deliver high-production output. We can take you from design to finished parts in minutes on short runs and prototypes.
  • It handles material with care. – With low-pressure piercing functions, our water jet won’t damage even delicate materials.
  • It’s detail-oriented. – Our machine’s small stream size and advanced planning and control software enables us to cut intricate patterns to accomplish unique specifications.
  • It cuts materials other methods of cutting cannot. – Water jet cutting enables us to produce parts from a broad variety of materials, such as mild steel, stone, stainless steel, copper, brass, graphite composites, granite, rubber, foam, plastic, glass, and more.
  • It reduces the need for subsequent processes. – The minimal amount of heat transfer during water jet cutting leaves material’s integrity intact, so often there’s no need to do further refinement after cutting.
  • It gives you profile options. – You can choose from up to five different edge qualities, including fine, medium, and coarse. No matter what level of smoothness your parts need, we can deliver it.

Ready to explore what you can accomplish with BenCo Technology’s water jet cutting services? We’re here to learn about your manufacturing goals and help you achieve them.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make your parts and components efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer the best in cutting technologies, and a comprehensive suite of services to serve all your production needs.


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