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3D Tube Laser Cutting vs. Traditional Saw Cutting

There are many benefits to laser cutting metal parts for your products. In addition to speed and precision, laser cutting allows you to make cuts that you just can’t do with traditional metal fabrication techniques.

Our 3D tube laser makes cutting round, square, angle and other open profile stock a breeze. It’s quick, it’s precise and it can produce a high volume of cuts during any given period of time. Best of all, its 3D rotating laser head allows it to create angles that you just can’t get with a traditional saw cut.

Check out the graphic below to compare a saw cut to a 3D tube laser cut. Notice that the saw cuts on a straight plane across a piece of hollow, square stock.

Now check out what’s possible with tube laser cutting technology. The edges are cut straight across, but the hollow center of the piece is cut at an angle. When joining two pieces of metal together, this is a critical difference. In a “picture-frame” situation, two pieces cut like this can be easily joined while leaving room for a strong weld. In addition, our tube laser can create angles and tabs that perfectly self-align. That means less time creating jigs to accommodate additional steps in your assembly or manufacturing processes.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our 3D tube laser stacks up against traditional metal cutting processes, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you with your next laser cutting project.

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