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6 Ways To Tell If Your Mid Atlantic Fabrication Shop Is Up To The Job In 2018

With the new year forging forward, you have probably been thinking of ways you can make 2018 your most successful year yet. Have you considered how your metal fabrication partner can affect your ability to reach your goals?

Not all fabrication shops in the Mid Atlantic region have the same capabilities or level of expertise. That’s why it’s crucial to evaluate your options carefully. If you want to make this year one that raises the bar, look for a fabrication vendor that provides exceptional work and superior service. Here are six great characteristics shared by the top shops!

1. Top-of-the-line equipment

If a metal fabrication shop is going to produce the best work possible, it needs the best equipment. At BenCo Technology, we have best-in-class equipment that receives optimal maintenance to ensure precision and performance.

2. Full suite of fabrication processes

As you know, fabrication jobs often require multiple processes. Does the fabrication shop you work with supply all of the services you need? BenCo has a full spectrum of fabrication capabilities, including PEMing, shearing, punching, machining, tube bending, and more.

3. Design expertise

A fabrication shop with in-house design capabilities can deliver a lot of peace of mind—and save you time and money. BenCo’s expert designers and engineers help clients by conceptualizing and developing drawings and 3D representations of parts and assemblies to ensure they meet specifications before they go into full production.

4. Capable of handling jobs of all sizes

A fabrication shop should be able to keep up with your production needs—no matter how small or large. At BenCo, we handle everything from single prototypes to full production runs with precision.

5. First-class team

The quality of work a fabrication shop delivers is largely dependent on the proficiency of its technicians. BenCo’s skilled and highly trained team will exceed your expectations. Our technicians pay extreme attention to detail, carefully assessing all aspects of your project and learning about your goals to ensure your parts are made flawlessly.

6. Capable of more than fabrication

If the shop you choose can only do fabrication, your parts will have to go from vendor to vendor to have other required processes completed. That can add time and cost to your project. BenCo makes sure you don’t have to worry about that because we not only do fabrication at our Honey Brook, PA campus, but we do also perform many other manufacturing processes, as well. We do it all—cutting, forming, welding, machining, assembly, packing, shipping, and more.

Do You Want To Make This Your Best Year Yet?

Contact us today to talk about your next metal fabrication job! We’re ready to help you with all your manufacturing projects in 2018 and beyond—by producing the best parts possible and saving you time and money.

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