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A Featured Time Capsule for the Lancaster Barnstormers

Lancaster Barnstormers Clipper Stadium & 5 Year Anniversary Time Capsule

One of the most creative projects we’ve undertaken recently was for Lancaster’s own minor-league baseball team, the Barnstormers. In order to commemorate their five-year anniversary, the team was looking for a time capsule that represented baseball and would allow them to display items from their first five seasons in action.

Our design team started with a home plate shaped box that would act as the time capsule itself. This solid box was formed in our fabrication shop out of a single piece of metal.

Next, we created a stand using 4” square tubing. We cut a notch into the front of this tube stock by laying it on one of our flat sheet lasers and making precise, computer-controlled cuts.

The solid base, cut from a piece of thick steel, was powder coated in red and white to mimic the look of an actual baseball with stitching. The mounting plate for the time capsule was made from special-order mirrored steel for a dramatic and eye-catching effect.

The time capsule box itself was designed to hold memorabilia, while the stand was designed to hold baseballs used during the first five years of play. The finished stand even included integrated mounts to display team baseball bats.

Once the Barnstormers took a look at our design, they decided to feature the time capsule prominently in the stadium as opposed to burying it on the field. Let us know if you stop by Clipper Stadium and see it!

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