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Fiber Laser Cutting Vs. Traditional Laser Cutting – What’s The Difference?

Like many manufacturing processes, laser cutting has undergone an evolution. To make sure your projects are getting full advantage of the advances in cutting technology, you need a PA cutting shop that has invested in the latest and best equipment.

At BenCo Technology, we make staying on top of technology a priority, so we can deliver the most innovative and effective services—laser cutting included. With TRUMPF fiber laser cutting equipment in-house, we go beyond what traditional laser cutting can do.

Fiber lasers offer some important advantages over CO2 laser cutters:

  • They cut faster.
    This enables us to produce large numbers of parts in less time—and that means you get your parts sooner and can keep up with demand.
  • They cut thicker metal.
    While traditional lasers are significantly limited in the thickness of materials they can handle, fiber lasers can cut flat sheets of hot-rolled steel that are up to 1″ thick, sheets of stainless steel up to .75″ thick, and sheets of aluminum up to .5″ thick.
  • They cut a wider variety of metals.
    Unlike with CO2 lasers, cutting reflective metals like copper and brass won’t hurt fiber laser equipment. Fiber lasers offer greater versatility and can handle a broader range of projects.
  • They improve part quality.
    Fiber lasers cut more precisely than traditional lasers. That means you can reduce the number of secondary processes after cutting because the cutting process causes fewer imperfections and cosmetic blemishes in the metal.

At BenCo, you can count on us to cut everything from the simplest parts to components with complex geometries with ease. And if flat sheet laser cutting isn’t right for your project, we also the most advanced 3D tube laser cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, plasma and oxy fuel cutting equipment, and other machines to meet your job’s needs.

Contact our PA cutting shop today to learn more about how we can help you produce the highest quality parts as cost efficiently as possible.

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