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Three Reasons To Use Laser Scanning In Your Next Project

Time and accuracy drive profitability when manufacturing parts and products. That’s why laser scanning is such an immensely helpful service. Laser scanning simplifies the design process and allows immediate evaluation of quality to ensure production runs meet specifications.

Besides BenCo Technology’s expertise in design, cutting, and fabrication, our PA cutting shop also has a Virtek Laser QC machine in-house to offer laser scanning services.

With our Virtek Laser QC laser scanner, we can help you by:

  • Designing parts by reverse engineering existing parts.
    Our laser sweeps individual parts (even when part of a subassembly) and records precise measurements, enabling us to create CAD drawings of them instantly. We can even produce 3D models by scanning multiple sides of parts, combining CAD drawings, and inputting those drawings into our SOLIDWORKS software. From there, we can make refinements, so parts will be even better than before.
  • Identifying variations from the start.
    After creating just a few parts, our laser scanner enables us to perform early-on inspections. We scan the produced part and evaluate whether it matches with the approved CAD file. This capability allows us to verify tolerances and identify variations (and fix them!) from the very beginning, so your project starts off on the right foot.
  • Confirming precision across large volumes of parts as they’re manufactured.
    By scanning parts at various intervals throughout the production run, we can ensure they are within acceptable tolerances until the last part has been created. This ongoing quality control offers peace of mind and eliminates the risk of having to re-make parts that didn’t measure up. We can also provide you with a pass/fail inspection report to serve as a record of the precision on large volume runs.

As you can see, laser scanning offers a time-efficient and effective way to produce better parts with consistent quality—no matter how large the production run. To learn more about how BenCo Technology’s laser scanning services can help you on your next project, contact us!


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