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Design: The First Step in Manufacturing Perfect Parts

The first step to manufacturing a perfect part is designing it. Unfortunately not every job shop has the in-house expertise or equipment needed to do that.

At BenCo Technology, we can’t imagine not offering that critical service to our customers. We’ve invested in the state-of-the-art SolidWorks 3D Modeling system, which enables us to take a concept and create detailed electronic drawings of parts and components.

Our experienced team designs parts and makes accurate 3D CAD models of them to ensure they are error-free and meet all requirements BEFORE they go into full production. Whether we’re working on prototypes or adjusting designs during the manufacturing process, we can make changes whenever needed to meet specifications with the greatest precision.

Some of the features and benefits of BenCo’s design and 3D digital modeling services include:

  • Pre-visualization of parts and assemblies, no matter how complex – We can detect weaknesses or errors and determine where adjustments should be made.
  • Highly accurate fit and function of parts – Doing this in the design and modeling phase ensures that parts meet requirements before money is spent to produce them.
  • Optimal product quality – Products are carefully evaluated for quality and performance before they are mass-produced.
  • Efficient development process – The entire manufacturing process goes more smoothly when there’s focus on getting the design right from the start.
  • Fewer physical prototypes needed – With design accuracy, not as many prototypes are necessary to accomplish the perfect part that’s ready for production.

Exact design and modeling can save you a lot of headaches and substantial dollars! Whether you need help developing a rough concept or fine-tuning an existing design, we’re here to make sure your time and money are used efficiently. No matter what pressing challenge you’re facing, we have the expertise and solutions to overcome them.

If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner who can help you improve your bottom line by working with your parts and products from concept to production to assembly to delivery, contact us today.

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