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Three Big Advantages of Flat Sheet Laser Cutting at BenCo Technology

No single cutting technology can serve all purposes, but flat sheet laser cutting makes a great option for many applications.

At BenCo Technology, we have top-of-the-line flat sheet laser cutting equipment that ensures the best results when cutting flat parts and components. What advantages can you expect when we cut your parts with our TRUMPF flat sheet lasers?

  • Precision
    With flat sheet laser cutting, we can produce many parts quickly and accurately. You get precise parts from the first to the last because our equipment’s advanced computer-controlled operation ensures consistency on even the highest volume jobs. And because laser beams don’t wear down, the edges produced by laser cutting are cleaner and more refined than those made through traditional cutting.
  • Speed
    Even with parts that have complex shapes and extra features, flat sheet laser cutting can deliver stellar results in record time. Whether a prototype or full run, TRUMPF lasers can cut, add holes, etch, make markings, and more all at once, so you have your finished parts without waiting for additional processes.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Flat sheet laser cutting—with its speed and accuracy can save your company time and money. Regardless of the number of parts you need, you can have them produced to meet the most challenging timelines. Without the your parts needing to go through subsequent manufacturing processes to refine them or add holes and marks, etc., you cut additional expenses out of the equation, as well.

Is Flat Sheet Laser Cutting the Right Solution for You?
If your project requires a large number of precise parts that meet challenging tolerances, contact us to find out if flat sheet laser cutting is the answer. At BenCo Technology, we’ll work with you to determine the most effective and most cost-efficient cutting method for your job.

With capabilities that include flat sheet laser cutting, 3D tube laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma and oxy fuel cutting, forming, fabrication, welding, powder coating, and more, we’re well-equipped to be your one-stop cutting and metal fabrication partner.

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