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Meet Ruth, Senior Accounting Administrator at BenCo

Ruth Brown has been with BenCo for nearly two decades. And, she’s been a big part of why our once small laser cutting shop has prospered and grown into the company it is today, 20+ years later.

Today, Ruth is a partner and serves as our Senior Accounting Administrator. She’s also our ‘Jill of All Trades’, doing whatever it takes to take care of our customers. Here’s a little bit more about Ruth and what makes her such a special member of our team.


Q: Tell us about your role BenCo?

A: Well, I do a little bit of everything when it comes to our administrative needs. I handle accounts receivable and accounts payable, HR, payroll, and customer service. I also purchase materials for each customer order and take care of getting the proper material certifications for projects, making sure the material type and certificates match the job and customer’s request.

My big priority, though, is customer service and taking care of our customers’ needs. It’s the part of my job that I love the most.

Q: Why is customer service your favorite part of your role?

A: When I talk to our customers, I can tell they appreciate the help and I’m making an impact. I don’t think everyone takes care of the customer in the same way anymore, and I think it’s one way that I help distinguish BenCo from other laser cutting shops.

When a customer calls and they need something, I make sure they feel heard. I take care of them right then, as if they’re our only customer. I always try to get an answer to them as fast as possible, and they always get a call back from me.

Q: Have you created this customer-service-focused culture with your administrative team?

A: We all share the same desire to help our customers as soon as they need something. We have a really good team in place here throughout the entire company. It’s way different than a big corporation. When one of us is struggling, we all are and so we help one another so we can all perform our best. The way we treat one another is an extension of the way we all treat our customers.

Ruth brings an incredible work ethic to BenCo every day and is one of the many reasons why our customers continue to come back to us. She spent 4 years in the US Navy and 3 years in the National Guard serving our country. During her active duty service, she was a part of Operation Uphold Democracy during the Haitian War right after Desert Storm. We’re proud of her for her service to our country and to our customers, and honored to have her on our team.

The next time you give us a call, you’ll likely be welcomed by Ruth on the other line. Contact us today – Ruth and our entire team are ready to support your next project.

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