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Plasma Cutting 101: The Basics

After sharing overviews of laser cutting and water jet cutting in our last two blog posts, let’s take a moment to talk about the other cutting technology we specialize in at BenCo: plasma cutting.

Here’s some basic information about how it works and some of the reasons why it’s a wise choice for many manufacturing projects.

Plasma Cutting 101

Plasma cutting involves using a plasma torch to blow inert gas out of a nozzle at a very high speed. In the process, some of the gas transforms into plasma, which melts and cuts the metal.

What types of jobs is plasma cutting suitable for? When your project involves thick metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel, plasma cutting is a wonderful match.

At BenCo Technology, our PA plasma cutting shop features machines that are rugged and versatile. With the option of using either our high-definition plasma or oxy fuel cutting heads, our technicians will select whichever technology will most effectively meet the needs of your specific project.

The oxy fuel cutting head allows us to cut up to 7” inch thick steel. And by offering 5-axis cutting, the high-definition plasma cutting head can navigate tough angles and curves. No matter how complex the shape of a part, our machine and technicians are up for the task.

Thanks to an integrated CNC drilling station, our plasma cutting shop can also save you precious time and money by cutting, drilling, tapping, and countersinking your parts all in a single step.

Could plasma cutting be right for your next project? Find out!

Contact us today to discuss your needs. And remember, we don’t only do cutting. We also offer a complete suite of services including forming, fabricating, welding, powder coating, laser scanning, laser engraving, and more. We’re here to answer your questions and help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach to achieving your manufacturing goals.

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