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Tube Tilt Cutting: Great for Creative, Complex Geometry

One of the most important features in our PA laser cutting shop is our ability to use a tilted laser head to cut tube stock at an angle. We call this tilt cutting. What does this mean exactly, and why is this important?

Instead of cutting the material from a fixed position, our tube laser features a 3D rotating head that can tilt at almost any angle relative to the face of the tube. In addition, the machine can rotate the tube stock relative to the laser head. The ability to rotate the laser head and the tube stock independently means that we can achieve complex, precise cuts that would be impossible with traditional cutting methods.

Snug Fit Increases Strength

The following graphic shows a few different ways we can cut tube stock in order to precisely fit two pieces of tubing together at just about any angle. These complex bevels allow the two pieces to fit snugly, increasing the strength of the finished part.

Create Complex Fitted Parts

Even more importantly, the complex angles that we can achieve through tilt cutting mean that complex fitted parts can be produced easily and quickly. With tilt cutting, the possibilities for joining tube stock are almost endless. Imagine trying to create the following part using traditional methods.

If you’ve got questions about tilt cutting, please contact us today. Our PA laser cutting shop offers tilt laser cutting and tilt plasma cutting. We can help you determine what type of cut and what type of fit will work the best for your parts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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