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We’ve Expanded Our Manufacturing Inspection Services with Our New Hexagon CMM & RS6 Laser Scanner

The newest member of our quality control team has arrived – our Hexagon Absolute Arm with the RS6 Laser Scanner. This CMM has allowed us to add even more muscle to our QC processes and manufacturing inspection service capabilities which is so far helping us verify the extreme precision of our customers’ most complex parts.

Our RS6 3D scanner is attached to Hexagon’s Absolute Arm 7-axis system. Together, these machines scan parts and make sure they’re within spec at ultra-high speeds. With this system, we can check specs to the thousandth of an inch with the CMM’s probe or use its 3D laser scanner to build an intricate digital model of a part and confirm it meets spec from every angle.

Here’s a look at our new Hexagon scanner in action.

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