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A Contract Manufacturing Solution For All of Your Businesses’ Needs

At BenCo Technology, we are a full PA contract manufacturer that can cater to even your company’s most unique manufacturing needs. While many other job shops are able to provide only some metal fabrication, welding, or other type of service, we make our shop stand from the crowd by offering a full range of solutions you won’t find just anywhere. What exactly do we have to offer that sets us apart from other job shops? Read on below to find out.


Concepting is an important part of the process when creating a premiere product. That’s why, at BenCo, we use the latest 3D modeling software combined with smart scheduling and our dedicated team to quickly turn out the prototypes you need.

Our cost effective and efficient processes create flawless prototypes for all types of new products without breaking the bank. Since we have the laser cutting and fabrication equipment along with professionals under the same roof, we can guarantee a low cost and smooth process every time.


Sometimes you just need those parts and you need them now. That’s where we can help. At BenCo we provide top-of-the-line rush laser cutting services that can turn your parts out in no time. In fact, for a small additional charge, we’ll have your order ready in as little as 24 hours! In fact, our rush service can accommodate just about any timeline when you need parts faster than our standard service. It doesn’t get easier and more convenient than that.


Not only do we make your parts at our shop, our experienced team can completely assemble them too. Once assembled, we’ll ship them to any location in the US or Canada. Only want your item partially assembled? No problem. We’ll assemble your product according to your exact specifications no matter how simple or complex.


At BenCo we have our own dedicated fleet of trucks on hand to get you your parts fast. But if you’d rather ship with UPS or another alike carrier, we can help you with that too. But remember, our shipping rates are very competitive and typically cost less than the big guys, so ask us for a quote today. From our area? We’ll deliver it to you for free.

There you have it. BenCo goes above and beyond the typical duties of a metal fabrication and welding shop to make sure your needs are covered and you get exactly what you ordered in a more than reasonable amount of time.

Want to learn even more about how we can help you on your next project? Contact us today. We’d love to discuss how BenCo can provide solutions to make your life easier and your business more efficient.

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