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Five Steps To Manufacturing A Flawless Part

A completed product can only be as good as the components from which it’s built. That’s why each and every part you produce cannot fall short of precision and quality.

How can you ensure your parts will meet exact specifications and be built with your end product in mind?

First and foremost, find a capable and reliable manufacturing partner. Don’t settle for less than a partner who has proven experience, expertise, and equipment to handle even the most challenging projects.

Your manufacturing partner should have the capability to manage your job through these five key steps:

  1. Take the concept and design/engineer it using equipment that will ensure it meets precise specifications. For example, at BenCo, our design department uses state-of-the-art software, like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, to create accurate models of formed parts and assemblies to visualize and communicate design ideas before cutting parts.
  2. Cut parts using the best technology for that particular job. A wide variety of cutting technologies exist. And at BenCo, our PA metal cutting shop does it all: flat sheet laser cutting, tube laser cutting, water jet cutting, and plasma and oxy fuel cutting.
  3. Fulfill your fabrication and finishing needs. They should have the equipment and experience to do forming, welding, machining, fabricating, PEMing, and powder coating. We offer all of these services to our customers because many parts require more than just cutting.
  4. Produce assemblies. After parts are produced, they’ll often require some degree of assembly. At BenCo, we can assemble various components or even completed products. We also source additional components/hardware from other vendors if needed, so that we can deliver a finished assembly, component or product based on your exact specifications.
  5. Deliver parts and products cost effectively and efficiently. A reliable manufacturing partner should commit to sending your parts and products where you need them when you need them. At BenCo, we have our own trucks waiting to deliver your parts, or we can ship to you via UPS or common carrier throughout the United States and Canada. If you’re in our local area, we’ll ship to you for free. Best of all, we offer rush service when you need parts fast.

At BenCo, we understand how important your parts and products are to your business’s reputation and bottom line. With the latest and very best technology on-site and highly skilled engineers and technicians, we make sure your manufacturing needs are met from start to finish. Ready to work with a manufacturing partner you can trust to produce your parts with precision? Contact us today! 

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