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Laser Cutting Counter Support Brackets


We recently renovated our lobby, and decided to install a granite countertop at our reception window. It turned into the perfect opportunity to craft some creative counter support brackets out of metal using our own fabrication capabilities!

First, we created a pattern for a curved bracket and necessary attachment plates in SolidWorks. Next, we cut the bracket and plates from a sheet of ½ inch mild steel. We made sure to include notches in the bracket to allow the attachment plates to snap into place for welding.

One of the benefits of laser cutting is that you can create precise notches and fittings in your parts that allow pieces of metal to self-align. This precise self-alignment minimizes fixturing and eliminates the need to create jigs to hold the parts in place when welding.

Once the final pieces were carefully welded together, our powder coating shop gave the metal an acid bath to clean any impurities from the surface. Finally, the brackets were powder coated with a durable, black finish that coordinated nicely with our new countertop.

Thanks to the precise tolerances that laser cutting offers, it’s easy to create parts that are simple to assemble, easy to finish and look great. Please contact us today to discuss your next project and learn more about our laser cutting and metal fabrication services.

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