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Laser Cutting Rush Job Services to the Rescue

When a big order hits, you have to be ready to deliver. Too many times, though, the effort of landing that large order shifts to figuring out how to fill it on time. And for many manufacturers, suppliers who can’t deliver quality parts efficiently and consistently are the biggest bottleneck.

Every day you wait to fill an order after the PO hits your desk is lost revenue and damage to your business’ reputation. At BenCo, we’re set-up to not only avoid being your bottleneck; we have the ability to jump into action whenever a customer needs an extremely tight turnaround or has an unexpected order increase.

We can handle any laser cutting rush job that comes our way. Here’s how:

1.     We have a separate area in our facility stocked with raw materials
Our team has what it needs to start cutting as soon as a rush job comes in. There’s no time wasted ordering materials – we have you covered.

2.     Our team works flexible hours to accommodate customer needs
We have a great team on the shop floor who works hard to get parts cut and orders filled. We keep our hours flexible so we can handle jobs whenever they come in. We work until the job is done.

3.     We have a set of machines ready for rush jobs – your parts don’t wait in line
No matter how many raw materials and shop techs we have ready to work, jobs can only get done when machines are available to cut. That’s why we house a set of machines ready for rush jobs. This allows us to get parts made quickly to meet the tightest turnaround times. Unlike other shops, rush jobs aren’t waiting in line for machine time.

At BenCo, we recognize that working with a trusted partner who will deliver your parts on time is key to your business. We’re here and ready to handle your next rush job. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to working with you.

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