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Plasma Cutting Vs. Water Jet Cutting

Which cutting technology is best to craft your parts and components depends on a variety of considerations. That’s why at BenCo Technology, our PA metal cutting shop features an array of in-house cutting equipment to handle any job – no matter how large or small and no matter how simple or complex.

In addition to flat sheet and tube laser cutting, which we are well known for, we also offer plasma and water jet cutting.

In case you’re not familiar with plasma cutting and water jet cutting, we’ll share a bit here about how these two types of cutting technology work and their advantages.


Plasma Cutting

One of the newer technologies at BenCo, plasma cutting involves cutting metals using a plasma torch that blows inert gas out of a nozzle at an extremely high speed. In the process, some of the gas converts to plasma, which melts and cuts the metal.

The features and benefits of our PA plasma cutting service include:

  • Plasma cutting allows us to cut very thick metals like mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. In fact, our plasma equipment’s oxyfuel cutting head can cut up to 7″-thick steel!
  • BenCo’s plasma cutting machine is especially versatile with its pivoting, multi-access head. It gives us the ability to navigate curves and angles and cut parts and components requiring unique geometries.
  • Our plasma features an integrated CNC drilling head that saves time by cutting as well as drilling, tapping and countersinking, all in the same step.
  • We can use plasma cutting for creating a prototype or tackling a full run.

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting provides a lot of versatility. With it, we can cut materials ranging from thin glass to 6″-thick stainless steel and even stone. Because water jet cutting produces minimal heat, we can use it to cut a more extensive selection of materials.

These are a few features and benefits of our PA water jet cutting service at BenCo:

  • Our water jet cutting equipment can do stack cutting up to a thickness of 8”. Meaning we can stack multiple sheets of material and cut them all at once.
  • We can cut parts from metal, stone, foam, copper, brass, graphite composites, rubber, granite, plastic and even paper by using our water jet cutting equipment.
  • With minimal heat transfer, water jet cutting preserves the integrity of the material’s structure and appearance—it reduces the need for subsequent processes to refine a part or component.

Which Cutting Technology Makes Sense For Your Business?

Don’t make that call without talking to us first! We’re here to consult with you about your next project and provide our input about which method of cutting will provide the best results. Before you make a decision, contact us to share about your specific needs and expectations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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