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Six Ways Laser Engraving Can Improve Your Parts

Whether you need permanent markings for tracking parts or subtle aesthetic details on metal, ceramics, glass or other materials, laser engraving can make your parts all that they need to be.

Exactly what can laser engraving by BenCo’s experienced designers and equipment operators do to improve your parts?

Let us count the ways…

  • Annealing: When a workpiece is heated through this process, its surface changes color but is not damaged. Another benefit of annealing is that it can prevent dirt and germs from accumulating on the part.
  • Engraving: To accomplish a deep engraving, a laser beam removes part of the material and creates a depression formed into a desired shape or pattern.
  • Ablation: By ablating the top layer, coated or painted metals can be marked. The process yields a strong contrast. Ablation can also be used on multi-layer plastics, marking them by removing a thin top layer.
  • Surface Treatment: When surfaces require structuring or cleaning, lasers can accomplish the task. For example, laser processing can be used to remove rust or oil so parts are ready for subsequent processes.
  • Coloring: Material and laser wavelength can be matched to bleach or color pigment molecules. It creates a smooth surface on the material in the process.
  • Foaming: A raised marking can be produced by using a laser to briefly melt material. As small gas bubbles become trapped in the material as it cools, the bubbles diffuse and reflect light, thereby creating the desired result.

At BenCo, we can program our laser engraving equipment to interact with material in a variety of ways, allowing us to mark, color or etch. In the process, material remains unstressed as we etch anything from intricate, artistic designs to serial numbers on component parts. No matter what application you present to us, we have the laser engraving equipment and experience to meet your project’s objectives and produce stellar results.

Contact us to discuss your next manufacturing project and learn how our expertise in laser engraving, design, cutting, fabrication and more will ensure your parts exceed your expectations for precision, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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