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Three Advantages Of Laser Scanning

Although many of our customers look to us because of our expertise and experience in design, cutting, and fabrication, BenCo also offers other services to fulfill all of our clients’ manufacturing needs. We want you to have all the processes you need in one central place, because that’s the best way to deliver quality, convenience, and cost efficiency.

Laser scanning, for example, helps simplify the design process and enables us to immediately verify the results of production runs to ensure quality control.

With our Virtek Laser Scanner, we can help you by…

  • Reverse-engineering a flat part from a sample.
    Our laser sweeps the part and provides a precise measurement so we can instantly create a CAD drawing. And if there’s a specific part within a subassembly that needs to be reverse engineered, we can take it apart and use laser scanning plus other traditional methods to create a precise digital drawing file of each component part within the subassembly.
  • Creating a precise .DWG or .DXF file from an existing part.
    No matter what CAD software you’re using, we can output the file type you need after we’ve scanned a part.
  • Performing precise first article inspection.
    When you produce a large run of a part, you should expect consistency from beginning to end. With our laser scanning services, we can confirm precision across large volumes of parts and we can ensure quality and accuracy of sets of parts. Once the first article inspection is complete, we can print a pass/fail inspection report. This ensures you have a record of the actual deviation and can assess precision on large volume runs.

These are just a few of the many ways our laser scanning services can help you produce better, more accurate parts, assemblies, and completed products. To learn more, contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your next manufacturing project and answer your questions about our laser scanning, design, cutting, forming, fabrication, laser engraving, assembly, delivery, and other services.

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