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SolidWorks: A Design Tool That Helps Us Help You

Not all manufacturers have the time or in-house capabilities to create electronic drawings of the parts and components that they need. And those that do often incur significant time and expense in getting things just right. So if your company is looking for an effective design solution that will help keep development costs in check, help you stay on schedule and help to make your projects run seamlessly from start to finish, we can help.

Because many of our clients face these very challenges, we’re proud to offer design, drafting and engineering services that help to bring parts and products to life – quickly, precisely and cost-effectively.

One important tool that we use during the design process is the SolidWords 3D modeling system. We think it’s the best software to use when taking components through the stages of concept, design and production.

Benefits of 3D Modeling

We understand that getting things right the first time can cut costs significantly, so we use SolidWorks to create precise electronic drawings and accurate 3D models of components prior to fabrication.

This helps save time and expense by allowing us to visualize design ideas and work out design issues or errors – all before cutting the actual parts. When working on prototypes or adjusting designs during the manufacturing process, SolidWorks enables us to make precise changes that meet specifications with the greatest of accuracy. It also helps us to create parts that work better, last longer and are most cost-effective.

Here are just a few of the benefits that our clients get by taking advantage of our 3D digital modeling services:

  • Pre-visualization of your part or component
  • Pre-visualization of complex assemblies
  • Ensure fit and function with a high degree of accuracy
  • Better product quality
  • More efficient development process
  • Reduction in the number of physical prototypes needed

Most importantly, these benefits all add up to better results on your bottom line!

Not sure if 3D digital modeling is the right fit for your company’s next project? Please contact us for a consultation. No matter what your needs or budget, BenCo can provide solutions that will best solve your design and engineering challenges.

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