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Three Important Benefits of Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

In today’s high-tech manufacturing environment, there are many ways to create metal parts. Saw cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and water jetting are just a few of the ways that businesses turn sheet metal products into the parts and components they need for their products. However, there is one metal cutting technique that offers a unique combination of advantages – laser cutting.

Here are three really great reasons to consider using flat sheet laser cutting on your next project.

  1. Reduced Part Damage Because laser cutting is a “non-contact” cutting method, there is very little damage to the part being cut. And when there’s no burring, distortion or striation, secondary finishing steps such as grinding or polishing are greatly reduced or eliminated.
  2. Accuracy and Repeatability  Thanks to computer-controlled production, laser cutting has a very high degree of precision and repeatability. This is an important consideration when tolerances are critical and high quantities of accurate finished parts are needed.
  3. Cost Savings – A smart laser cutting shop will make the most of raw materials, group batches of parts together and quickly get your order into production. When combined with the elimination of secondary manufacturing steps such as fixturing and finishing, these efficiencies mean that the cost of laser cutting is usually much lower than other metal cutting techniques.

If you’re interested in learning more about flat sheet laser cutting, please contact us today. We look forward to learning about your next project and sharing ways that BenCo can help.


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