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Tube Laser Cutting for Unique Results

One of the most important benefits of our tube laser cutting equipment is that it features a 3D, rotating cutting head. This means that the cutting head can create just about any angle relative to the material being cut – not just perpendicular.

Most laser cutting equipment with a fixed head can only make perpendicular cuts, but the unique geometries that are available with a rotating head can result in unique and creative parts.

Best of all, when the tube material itself rotates relative to the laser head, cuts can be made that overlap corners and fall around the sides of the stock. These types of cut would be impossible to achieve without an angled head and rotating stock.

Here are a just a few of the types of cuts and unique angles that we can achieve. Contact us today to learn more about this equipment and talk to one of our designers about how to best take advantage of this technology.

tube-cutting-1 tube-cutting-2 tube-cutting-3 tube-cutting-4 tube-cutting-5

Interested in learning more about the creative, unique angles that our PA tube laser cutting shop can deliver? Please contact us today to learn more! We look forward to hearing from you.

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